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WBC Meeting Minutes - August 2010

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Topic: WBC Meeting Minutes - August 2010
Posted By: ForumAdmin
Subject: WBC Meeting Minutes - August 2010
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:31
Sorry for the delay in posting these. I have been traveling the entire time since the Worlds. Also, our Secretary stepped down and no replacement has stepped forward.

Posted By: Richard Gray
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:34





Rob Molenkamp EA (RM)

Alex Vigeraux EA (AV)

Svenja Hempleman EA Reserve (SH)

Brian Price AAO (BP)

Oscar Mann AAO (OM) WBC Secretary

Richard Gray PA (REG) WBC Chairman

Mike Holt PA (MH) Guest, Rules Committee Member


Apologies from Rob Groen AAO reserve


Called to order 19:12


Joe Malenfant PA (JM) arrived 19:15

Claire Willard AAO (CW) arrived 19:15

Evert Aartsen EA (OEA) arrived 19:15

Lee Stone PA (LS) arrived 19:24


BP sought feedback concerning lack of PA reserve and PAC Chairman. ACTION ITEM REG contact PA IWWF President to try to reorganize PAC. REG agreed to temporary chairmanship of PAC until next election.


Previous minutes approved OM-BP unan


Matters arising from minutes

BP- Barefoot was represented at Moomba Championships

BP- EA did not submit RL scores on and is not using WBC scoring program. AV resonded they had received incomplete program that was unworkable and have since been provided a complete copy from Brian Heeney and are seeking more instruction from Brian Heeney.

BP- Commendations to Mike Holt for web site. Council applauds MH.

BP- Commendations to Eddie Wilson for certificates. Council applauds Eddie.

BP- AAC rep Peter O Neill is active on IWWF AAC

BP- Questioned REG about fines from Otaki. No fines were collected.

REG- More thanks to MH fort he WBC calendar. This has met with limited success due to many members not accessing this resource. More communication and participation is necessary through out the council.

OEA- questioned the forms and process we use for WC entries. Questions about WBC program importing the skiers into the WC. Cannot be done at this time.


Ratify ballots OM-JM unan


BP requests the ballots be attached to minutes.


Chairman’s report

Report tabled. Apologies for being late. Sanger sponsorship $7k to LOC. LOC has 3 new Sangers


Confederation Reports

AAO was the only report received

EA will attempt to provide report before end of WC (no report was presented at end of WC)

PAC dysfunctional and no report can be obtained


REG reports this is largest WC. 162 entries, 16 Federations.




Admin report

Report tabled. Thanks to MH for PPG publication.  Accept 2010 PPG. OM-CW unan. Approval of 2010 byelaws changes presented by REG. OM-JM unan


Awards committee

Report tabled. Claire and Eddie have obtained awards. Thanks to Fred Groen for providing awards. 5 nominees Oscar Mann, Brian Price, Andy Harris, Claire Willard, Richard Gray. Approved LS-OEA unan. Honors board has been made and REG will take charge.

Posted By: Richard Gray
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:34

Break for dinner @ 20:37. Reconvene @ 21.06


Officials report

To be included in JM presentation tomorrow


WC qualification scores




No report



Discussion KSO scores form 2010 US Nats discussed. JM is not satisfied that they have not been submitted. JM will follow up. 2 pending records to be adjudicated at WC (subsequently adjudicated and denied)



Report tabled. Items will appear in discussions



No report submitted



No report submitted


History & archives

Report tabled.

ACTION ITEM. All council members to investigate sources for historical facts and memorabilia



REG is in contact with IWWF and attended IWWF Trad WC and meeting. Will attend meeting in Italy Sept 6-7, 2010. Barefoot is well received by EB. Barefoot needs to work harder to increase our participating federations


WG 2009

AV states barefoot was not well received and needs great improvements in our scoring methods. Discussion of shortfalls. REG is working with IWWF to ensure BF is in 2013 WG. We must provide instant scoring. ACTION ITEM. REG, OM, OEA, BP, AV, to ensure a new method for instant scoring is developed and in use for 2013 WG.


German skier to be replaced due to injury sustained during on site training. New reserve skier to be allowed with no penalty. BP-LS unan


REG proposed we use seed scores rather than random draw for elim round at these WC. Not approved for these championships but will discuss for future WC.


REG proposed if we experience a lack of necessary officials that we pull qualified people from the officials in attendance. Skiers will not be considered for this.


BP- Jump set up and safety was questioned. There is a pylon approx 70m down course from jump and approx 10m to the right from centerline of jump path that has been a concern for a few skiers. The LOC has been very observant of this during training and no skier has been closer than 10m to pylon while training jump. OM has interviewed and observed a great number of skiers of all levels of competence and has not observed any safety issues as yet.


BP suggests all officials, team officials, etc, sign WBC code of conduct.


Meeting concludes 22:25 to reconvene 08:00 next day. 

Posted By: Richard Gray
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:34

August 8, 2010 @ 08:11

In attendance









MH Rules Committee Member, Web Master, Guest

REG and AV will be late due to team familiarization. Both arrive 08:25

Brian Heeney WBC Scoring Program, Guest

Eddie Wilson Awards Committee Member, Guest

Dan Cummings Guest



Holtzy gives interactive demonstration of web site and outlined methods to add or change data. We need to monitor more closely and follow through with updates. MH offers to archive data on his business server as an alternate site. OEA suggests we start a facebbook page. We need to update WBC directory, committee lists and confed names. MH demonstrated the use of the study guides and on-line testing.


ACTION ITEM All council members to email MH email lists to be added to WBC news lettermailing list


ACTION ITEM distribute skier survey at Team Captains meeting. MH, JM


LOC report

Stefan Worple explains the advertising, official’s lunches, on-site security day-night, TV and radio coverage

Saturday. Fireworks, opening ceremony, Oktoberfest, live band, VIP reception

Sunday. Officials boat tour,

Monday. EA BBQ and auction,

Wednesday. Kindertag- Childrens day. 2000 local children have been invited to the site to learn water ski

Thursday. Live band

Friday. Caribbean Night

Saturday. Live band, Night Jump

Sunday. Awards Banquet




BP asks for more information to be provided re functions

BP raises the issue of on-site safety and safety officer.

OM tables the safety plan


Current Championships

OM diagrams courses

The challenges we face include stopping tournament every 90 minutes to allow river traffic to pass. Running dual sites may prove problematic for this. Dual entry skiers will be moved in the running order if event conflicts arise. 07:30 start time to 20:00 shut down is available for all days. We will be testing the Boettcher video judging system during the elim rounds with the hope to use it exclusively for semis and finals. All boats meet speed requirements. 2 boats are slightly faster than the third. At this time Lewis McNab (AAO) was the only driver to attend on-site training. (CD and PA driver arrived late Saturday. EA driver Jan Ter Wee abandoned the championships.) CJ will undertake to watch as much video review as possible throughout the championships and will view 100% of finals to ensure proper outcome. Roll back on site 1 from sailboats is a minor problem.


Andy Harris, EA appointed judge, sends apologies but due to his mothers hospitalization he will not attend the championships until later in the week


There is only one region with a reserve judge, PA.


Plans were discussed in the event wind forced a stop to the championships. The prelimanary goal is to finish the elim round and the WBC will need to address any weather issues at that time. MH suggests we develop a gauge to measure wave chop so we have a quantitaive method of ensuring equal conditions. REG suggests not starting when water is rough unless we have lost time and cannot avoid it. There are 3 courses available. Skiing is planned for course 1 and 2 and we may use course 3 if necessary.


Running orders cannot be generated until end of registration due to random draw


A few reserve skier substitutions are taking place during registration. Brian Heeney and BP to investigate why


RM offers $1500 cash for any Open world records set during championships


REG- Council function

Reviewed committee structures and methods. Council is not for micro managing committee decisions. Committees should be experts who do the hard work to present info with recommendations to council and while rubber-stamping is not expected it is expected that the council not rehash all committee work. All council members who feel strongly about committee issues should be involved with the committee before the committee report is tabled for consideration. All WBC members should be working on committees. Council members should be reviewing website for errors or out of date info and updating MH and through REG. ACTION ITEM REG to update dossier and records procedures. Approval or denial of WR to be posted on the web site. On-line records are not working for WR yet but work continues to advance to that goal. ACTION ITEM JM. To assist MH in a workable on-line record process. Record submissions still need improvement. Lots of poor submissions that are time wasters for RRC committee members. RRC is working well and getting the submissions reviewed in less than one week. 2 current records pending. JM requests details of refused records be posted on web site.. No support. ACTION ITEM JM. Submit template for denied record details. All WR set at WC need quick adhoc review. Temporary RRC member may be necessary to accomplish this.

OEA leaves for team training, Short break @ 11:00



Brian Heeney Demonstrates the WBC program and the information available on-line @ This includes officials and skier performance tracking. New program is available based on Windows 7. Must uninstall old prog and reinstall new. Very easy to install. Data can be imported from various formats to be installed previous to the start of tournament. Most common issue with data is misspelled names and incorrect birth dates. Not all data fields necessary but should be filled with accurate information. ACTION ITEM REG. REG to develop  entry form templates. Discussion of requiring homo info to be filled in before RC accreditation can be accepted by program. BH will test. PPG ITEM. Starting Jan 01,2011, RL results to be submitted to confed RL officer within 3 weeks following tournament or they will not be included on RL.


JM. Officials training DVDs were well received. JM has learned much about making these DVDs. Moving forward with review sheets for training and further DVDs. Need to define hesitation between tricks and during multiple turns. Practical exams to be administered by Federations. This officials program is endorsed by all council members and will be introduced to all feds in hopes of a universal system.


OEA returns 12:34


Lunch break @13:00. Resume @ 13:55



BP speaks on officials recruitment, training, retaining. BP will join Officials committee and develop plans to accomplish these goals.


Future World Championships discussion. REG rasied several items for discussion and will further discussion on the forum. OEA said he spoke with a lawyer and thinks jump proficiency requirements may be introducing liability issues. Allow scores from non-RL tournays for WC qualifications. These would need a positive score and qualify skier for lowest group. Eliminate random seeding in elim round. This found favor for future WC but not for this one. remove limit of reserves and follow the method used by Trad. Drop the team event form Seniors. Introduce more age divisions for Senior. WC records will prove to be difficult to reconstruct. Previous WR set at WC are a starting point. This is a goal for next WC. WBC WC sanction fee and we take on some LOA responsibilities.  


Discussion on ways to grow the sport. Missionaries to more non-BF feds was thought to be necessary. AAO has been doing this and it has been paying off with Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, Indonesia. Difficult to accomplish due to costs involved and the time commitment for the volunteer coach. PA needs to establish a BF community presence in Columbia to assist with 2013 WG. OEA suggests we take an extra day on biz trip and seek local skiers and help them with barefoot.  OEA also feels events like X games and Splash of Titans is a method. This has not proven to work in past years due to many factors.


No bids have been presented for 2012 WC. PA and AAO have possible LOCs


Meeting adjourns 17:30


Posted By: Richard Gray
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:35

August 16, 2010, 09:26









RM is onsite tending to secure his towboat, which was used for the WC.

RM arrives @09:50


Election of officers

Chairman- REG only nomination BP/OM unan

Secretary- OM only nomination REG/BP unan


Appointed WBC Voting Member

Nomination to come from Chairman and approved by council. REG/CW unan

Mike Holt to be considered



2012 WC, no bids to date. Letter of interest from Blake Heller (PA). Has hosted US Nats, one lake man made site, good LOC, possible wind issues, Doug Koch (Fergus Falls LOC president) has committed to assist Blake. Waco TX (PA) is another possibility. 2 lake site, good infrastructure, will host 2011 US Nats. ACTION ITEM REG, contact Stewart Parsons for intent. OEA questions PA ability to commit due to lack of  representatives at meeting. AV suggests WC format may be too intimidating for many LOCs.


2013 WG. PA need to develop barefooting in Columbia. ACTION ITEM REG. Obtain  letter from Olaf regarding the excitement provided by our jump and tricks events. Need to explore possible formats changes fore WG. Night Jump, X format, instant results, more excitement. OEA suggests we develop a rankings list for officials for World events. BP pointed out there were no officials from PA at last WG. OEA suggest freestyle event and more privacy for our judges and scorers. ACTION ITEM OM, We must develop video judging rules and format as soon as possible. WG site is short but we can accommodate but we must have instant results.


2014 WC, AAO to follow up. Possible site in China. OM to contact Chinese Fed. BP to speak to China in Jakarta October. Aust expressed interest at Liverpool, site of 94 and 98 WC.


2016 WC, EA possible site in Finland, possible site in South Africa, possible site in Austria. EA reps agree to take ownership to ensure EA produce this championships. AV suggests confeds must make/approve bids from within the confed. No support for this.


AV WBC scoring prog will not work with foreign language versions of Windows. Heeney was unaware of this until now and is trying to overcome this. Results should be forwarded in PDF until this issue is resolved.


Rolling RL Goal is quarterly beginning Jan 1, 2011


Rules discussion

Hop and bonus. Majority agree that hop with bonus shall apply to both feet. Neck and teeth are unsafe dead end tricks and are to be eliminated for 2011.  AV requests removal of failed rope on foot penalty. Much discussion reveals that many WBC members do not know how the rule is to be applied. Need more education and training across the board. Skiers and officials are still referring to this as a “toe touch“ which is a problem. 4 favor removal. AV requests rules are written so they are easier for non-English speakers to understand. OM expresses this is impossible for him since he cannot foresee which rule will be difficult for which person. Suggest these rules must be translated into other languages with his help. OM also asks for feed back on which rules need this clarification. OEA suggests no rule changes for 5 years. No support for this. AV requests rule changes be highlighted in different colors for housekeeping and rule changes. REG explains this is already available as a separate file but was impossible to do for 2010 book since the whole book would have been different colors. Agreed to forward this doc to council members in the future years. All change requests shall be sent to rules committee only.

All web site changes shall be proofed and approved by WBC chairman.


Issues with 2010 WC

BP schedule was not ready at start of tournament. This was very difficult due to many factors including expected weather and LOC programs. OEA suggests a visual signal as well as PA announcement regarding postings. Entry forms were not perfect. Need to improve process. Derivatives were correct but data may have been input incorrectly. Postings and announcing them were difficult. Need a better system of alerting team reps of postings. Heeney was posting scores to his web site before they were approved and posted by CJ. This cannot be allowed in future WC. Rules for video judging need to be developed. Need 2 ACJs for 2 lake site. Lack of video from lake 2 was an issue for many team reps, parents and spectators. Scorers area was too small. Video review was difficult due to only 1 TV which could not be used for review during judging of event. Only one person understanding the video system was risky. Infrastructure was superb. LOC activities need more flexibility to accommodate tournament activities. Judges need to remain more vigilant to changing water conditions. Code of conduct at team captains meeting was discussed. BP apologized for outburst during meeting. It is stressed that we need to bring solutions when we present problems. LOA Worlds management doc needed. Doug Koch has agreed to chair a development committee, BP and CW members. REG. Appointed officials shall not dispute boat judging decisions in public areas. BP will include this in officials manual. Need to be more vigilant regarding perceived conflicts of interest re: family members and confed boat crews. CW. More judging standardization is needed. 1 day clinic should be mandatory before every WC. Drivers famil should be mandatory. Poorly handled this WC. BP queries EA driver Jan Ter Wee abandoning WC at the last minute after arriving on site. No reasonable explanation is known. Appears to be a conflict with the LOC regarding accommodations. REG notes Lewis Mc Nabb was the outstanding driver from this WC and will write a letter of commendation and thanks from the WBC. BP details pre-event communication issues with LOC. Language issues and command structure made communications very difficult and many people were frustrated by this. OEA suggests this was the best WC to date. Generally agreed.


OEA and RM leave @ 11:37


Pending records from KSO were all denied


Discussion on aggressive behavior by judges in boat during events, possibly forcing their opinions onto the other judges. Bullying and aggression will not be tolerated. Letter on this issue from Andrew Richards and Ashley Stebbeings was tabled. Discussions on possible solutions available to CJ. BP will work with Admin committee to include this in officials manual. CJ needs to not avoid tough decisions.


Next meeting @ 2012 WC


AV presented strategic plan development program. This was well received and acknowledged that it is vital to our growth. ACTION ITEM REG to seek IWWF funding for this project. AV will forward program to council members.


Possible future WC formats

Run divisions independently to allow for fewer days for teams. Run division exclusively on different days ensuring more time to rest or sightsee. Run as 3 consecutive tournaments allowing teams to arrive and leave on different days. Reduce the number of rounds to 2 for Jr/Sr or just Sr. Reduce team comp to 1 round and no individual overall will come form the team round. Allow skiers to judge/drive/score in other division WC, this cannot be lead positions. No dual entries. Reduce the number of qualified independents.


Meeting concludes at 13:15

Posted By: Richard Gray
Date Posted: 03/Mar/2011 at 04:44

I beleive I have a copy of all tabled reports.  Not at all easy to post on the forum.

If anyone would like additional Information regarding the Minutes please contact your Confederation Chairman.

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